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Hello World is the appropriate title for my first post. Hello Everyone! My name is Jessica Sinncere Flores but my friend’s call me Sinncere or Sinn for short. I am a mother of five children and the best part of the day is walking in the door after a long day and having them run to the door excited to see me, say hello and hug me as if I had been gone for months. I would not trade that part of my day for anything in this world. The unconditional love the children have for me warms my heart more than anything. Life is beautiful because they make it that way. Before the children my life had been dark and full of pain. Now, no matter what may not be going the way it should, there is a brightness in my day that does not fade.

I have started this blog to express myself, inform, educate and hopefully amuse amongst other things. So with that  I say, Welcome, Thanks for Visiting and Hello World!