Ok so I am back….I know I know a few months ago I damn near made the same commitment but this time I mean it….. When I committed to a POST A DAY I thought I could do it, its not difficult to find time in the day to commit to writing, it only takes a few minutes with your thoughts and the words appear….Or do they???

The more I avoid writing the more I catch myself writing, planning a new book, a new blog, a new poem, buty never following through…. I took some time to figure out why that was the case and I have finally figured it out….

No matter how much I pride myself in being honest, one common theme behind my honesty is that it hurts people’s feelings and I don’t enjoy that part of it…. So basically my not wanting to hurt people I care about has vcaused me to push myself back and to a stagnant position….Its a miserable place to be and in discovering this, I have disvovered that no matter who’s feelings I hurt at the end of the day, my thoughts and my feelings are just that, and I have every right to feel that way I do and write it and express it.

See. writing is therapeutic for me, it helps me to reflect on things in my life and allows me to learn from those things in order for me to move on. I feel that not writing is just making me bottle my emotions up and that creates a more volatile situation for me and those in my life, and so now I declare my refusal to hold anything back….

And So I now so BOLDLY declare, that I am Back!!!!! For Good…..


Imagepic source: http://sweetlovelyrics.com/about-honesty/