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Misrepresentations of Self

 Originally written: 06/17/2011
       I’ve personally witnessed individuals pave their own misery by attempting to fulfill an image they created. The image is developed so that the individual is viewed in a positive light to others. What these individuals fail to realize is that no one is flawless and living up to a fictional image is impossible.
        Fulfillment can be found within oneself. To achieve self fulfillment I would suggest an HONEST self assessment and I emphasize honest because not everyone is willing to admit certain faults. If one is unwilling to be honest with themselves, this exercise is completely fruitless.
        It all begins with a true evaluation of ones negative and positive traits. Simply developing a list of those traits under the appropriate category can provide one with an entirely fresh perspective. Are you happy/satisfied with what you have discovered about yourself? If not, which traits would you like to work on? Once an individual has determined what they would like to change, they can effectively apply that change.
        By self evaluating and assessing one can become a better individual from within, which will inevitably reflect in the exterior. Then one experiences true self worth, satisfaction and personal growth. Consequently, one is seen in a positive light by others, but only because one was willing to genuinely look within, applied and achieved self happiness. Until an individual accepts responsibility for their flaws, they will continue a fruitless attempt at living up to a fictional image, thus giving the people in their life, Misrepresentations of Self!!!